Immuno Techniques
Antibody Purification using Caprylic Acid
Tropoelastin ELISA for cultured cells
Immunoprecipitation of Tropoelastin from Cells and Tissues
Coupling of Peptides and Proteins to Rabbit Serum Albumin (RSA)

Cell Culture
Preparing Smooth Muscle Cells from Mouse Aortic Tissue
Preparing Smooth Muscle Cells from Lung Tissue
Preparing Dermal Fibroblast from Mouse Skin
Starting Cells from Explants
Hexosaminidase for Assessing Cell Number

Tissue Fixation and Staining Techniques
Hart's Elastin Stain: Paraffin Sections
Hart's Elastin Stain: Frozen Sections
Immunohistochemical Staining of Paraffin Sections
Immunohistochemical Staining of Frozen Sections (with paraformaldehyde fixation)
Immunohistochemical Staining of Frozen Sections (with ethanol fixation)
Tissue Preparation for EM using Tanic Acid

Chemical Modificaiton of Proteins and Peptides
Amino Groups (alpha-N H2 and Lys)
Sulfhydryl Groups
Disulfide Modifications
Carboxyl Groups (Asp & Glu)
Guanidino Groups (Arg)
Phenolic Groups (Tyr)
Imidazole Groups (His)
Thioether Groups (Met)
Indole Groups (Trp)
FITC Labeling of Synthetic Peptides

Creating Anaglyphs
Silver Staining of Gels
Protein Transfer for Edman Sequencing